HAWKE x Nick Kohn

We partnered with Nick Kohn from the Northern Beaches of Sydney to be our latest HAWKE ambassador.

A firefighter by trade, Nick recently embarked on an off-road biking adventure with 2 pairs of our Prime Shorts to see him through.

Tell us a little bit about your latest adventure?

I took two sets of the Prime Shorts with me on a six month cross (multiple) country, off-road bike ride through USA and Canada. I passed through California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Alberta and British Columbia on predominantly dirt roads and encountered everything from lush forest to high desert, chipmunks to grizzly bears and mountain lions, friendly country folk to meth heads - it was one heck of a trip.

Why did you choose the Prime Short?

I am very picky about the clothing I take due to the fact that I have to carry everything. Obviously, with the abuse I am giving it, sleeping outside and living in the clothes everyday, durability is a massive factor too. I chose your shorts due to their look, toughness and (what I consider to be an appropriate) length. I had plenty of people laughing at the ‘Australian length’ shorts - particularly in the more conservative parts of the trip such as Idaho and Montana. My rebuttal is they were shorter to save weight on the bike. 

The blue pair were my riding shorts (as they don’t show dirt) and the camo were my ‘fancy pants’. These two pairs were literally the only lower body clothing I wore in six months, in temperatures between -15 to +40 Celsius so the riding shorts have faded to more of a purple than a blue which I love.

Nick has since returned home and has been doing an incredible and important job working with Forestries NSW to tackle the blazes that continue to cause devastation for many.