HAWKE Workwear X Kustom Timber

This season HAWKE partnered with Kustom Timber who specialise in crafted engineered timber flooring. Business partners Mark Chaz and Tristan Tiller launched in 2013 and have built a strong reputation amongst Melbourne’s boutique builders, architects and interior designers.

Their clientele includes the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Bec Judd. Kustom Timber pride themselves on being the best; from product supply to install, to maintenance and aftercare. 

Kustom Timber use premium, quality timber and state of the art production processes. Their range of traditional and designer finishes are manufactured with integrity and a regard for the environment.

"We’re amateur surfers and hobby chefs. And the coffee machines we have at home are endorsed by George Clooney. You see, we know we’re not professional athletes, baristas or Michelin star tastemakers. But, when it comes to floorboards, we know what we’re doing because we’ve been doing it for more than twenty years" - Mark Chaz, Co-Director.

This business is all about excellence and quality, which is why they choose HAWKE as their exclusive workwear supplier. This commitment to quality is what makes HAWKE and Kustom Timber a great fit.

Kustom wanted the whole team looking united and professional on the job. So, we sat down with the team to help them choose the right pieces from the HAWKE Workwear range. Using our HAWKE ID custom uniform service, we were able to manage the whole process from end-to-end and deliver their custom uniforms ready to go. 

To find out more about HAWKE ID, get in touch sales@hawke.cc