HAWKE x Greg & Lachie Mason

We took the AW17 collection on-site with father and son, Greg and Lachie Mason. With a background in design, this project was Greg's 5th personal, residential build but first time working with his carpenter son, Lachie.


How do you decide on the right plot for each build?

We love the Mornington Peninsula, especially the Mt Eliza region. Whenever we are on the hunt for a new plot the first task is to find a good northerly aspect and a nice outlook. For us it's really about understanding and respecting the surroundings so it's important to me to create homes that are going to both compliment and work in harmony with the setting. 

Tell us a bit about the style of builds you like to work on

Whenever I picture the build, I always think about having a beautiful entry and street appeal. I try to have clean lines and an elegance within my designs but at the same time be bold and exciting. Above all else though, it must be functional.


What's your favourite part about designing homes?

When we have an idea of what a house is going to look like, I draw up the initial floor plans and get the layout and flow right. I enjoy the planning phase and ensuring a logical layout with good connection between spaces.

I then take it to my draft man who draws it to regulation and allows for positioning on the site. With several consultations we get the materials and proportions correct and then we are on. I look for inspiration from the site and the outlook it will have.


What was your first project with Lachie like?

Working with Lachie was great, he has an eye for detail and an understanding of all methods of building. He doesn't like to slap the place up and finds he needs to pull things down later, so he works several steps in advance and is exceptionally considered.